Unusual and Weird Cat Laws

As a cat owner, you might not think you need to familiarize yourself with your town's laws regarding domestic animals. However, depending upon where you live, you might be surprised to find what you can and cannot do with your cat.

Many towns have laws that prohibit animals from roaming freely. For example, Lorinc, Hungary, which recently passed a law stating that cats may only be on the streets if they are on a leash. Mississippi has a law prohibiting cats from being out on the streets if they are "rowdy." If a rowdy cat is caught outside, both it and its owner will be placed in jail. Exactly what separates the "rowdy" cats from the regular cats is unclear, but it can be assumed that catcalls and caterwauling is probably involved.

Other towns in the United States are more concerned with what their cats are wearing when they are out. For example, in French Lick, Indiana, the law states that all black cats must wear a bell on Friday the Thirteenth. Rumor has it that the cats are appealing this law on the basis that it is "colorist." Of course, they don't have it near as bad as the cats in Cress kill, New Jersey, where all cats are required to wear not one, not two, but three bells in order to warn birds of their presence. Apparently, the birds in New Jersey are a little deaf.

If the bells seem a little excessive, then don't move to Sterling, Colorado. They have made it illegal for any cat to run loose unless they are wearing a taillight. Makes you wonder exactly how one would attach a taillight to a cat, doesn't it? Still any of these laws are nicer than the one in Hibbing, Minnesota, where it is the duty of police officers to kill cats found running loose on any street, alley, or public place.