Cat’s Friendliness

Do you have a cat at home? If yes, you already know that cat is your most treasured pet. A cat is the closest pet to humans in the house or office. It makes its master engaged, happy, entertained, and protected from vermin and above all, offers close companionship in times of solitude.

There is generally an impressive telepathy between cat and man, for example you will notice her coiling around you when you are mourning something, jumping on you when you are happy. This companionship has resulted to great friendship between cat and human. In fact, it has been documented that due to its intelligence, when kept as pet, cat has managed to raise the general well being of man for example happiness and health.

However, the cat herself also needs to be happy to offer the best companionship. Yet, man has neglected the cat in a number of ways. In order to make the cat always joyous, it is important you adhere to the following few tips:
Feed her well; understand her dietary requirements because different cats show different affinity for different foods. She’s basically a canine; do not forget that. Always ensure the dish is meaty. Some milk for refreshment is also cat’s favorite. Never let her go hungry otherwise it would be her worst nightmare.

Avoid scaring her; cats like most canines loathe anything frightening. Always ensure the cat is in a serene environment. Let her stay indoors most of the times incase there are several marauding cats and dogs outside. You never know when she may be attacked by a neighbor’s cat or dog.

Grooming and petting; these should be routine practices because they make the cat really happy and appreciated. They are bit of practices that make the cat look up to meeting you and spend another grooming session with you. Engage her in some playful antics occasionally and watch her grow blissfully.