Carry Out Health Evaluation

Cats are great pets. You can breed your cats to meet your personal needs. Before you breed your cat, it is imperative that you carry out quality health evaluation.

This is a comprehensive process that involves checking the stool for internal parasites, vaccinations and physical exam. It is therefore essential that you visit a pet with your cat. Your vet will be able to recommend possible tests to enhance general health of your cat for quality breeding. The cat should also be free of fleas, ringworm and ear mites for healthy breeding.

The cat will also be tested for a wide range of genetic conditions including hip dysplasia, heart disease, patellar luxations and polycystic kidney disease.

Therefore, it is essential that you talk with you vet in detail and check for other breed specific diseases that should be treated before you start breeding. It is good that a female cat has to be in her ideal weight for the best breeding results. Cats that are too light or too heavy often have difficulties conceiving, queening and carrying the litter. Your vet will therefore recommend the best strategies to adopt to ensure the cat has ideal weight to conceive.

Health evaluation is also imperative because it helps to determine physical health of a cat. A vet officer will check for physical personalities of both parents. This is based on the fact that health and physical personalities play a crucial role in determining general personality of kittens. If parents are friendly and easy going, chances are high that the kittens will be friendly too.

Health evaluation is also very important. It enables you to learn more about heat cycle of a cat. Therefore, it becomes easy for you to determine when the cat is ovulating and the right time to take the queen cat to the tom for mating and breeding.