If you consider getting another cat there are some things that you should take into account, since this decision shouldn't be made as in a spur of a moment. There are many cat owners who simply think of buying another one and deal with this afterwards. But this can be really an issue for both of the cats once they face each other, since they tend to be very territorial by nature.

Throughout this article, we will point out at you some of the things to consider when planning buying another cat:

* If you own already many cats, you might have the surprise to see them reacting badly and thus ruining the balance that it may take a while before it is re-established. It is no such thing telling you how your cat-s will react when meeting the new cat. However, the best thing to do when introducing the new cat to the old one(s) is to isolate them in a room for several days and thus they will get used to the smells. Afterwards you should keep an eye on them to see how they interact.

* In case a friend of yours approaches you in giving you their cat, maybe you would want to know why they want to get rid of it in the first place. Maybe their cat has behavior problems and they simply want to send her away for this reason. In this situation you should know that you will need some time and patience to have your new cat educated.

* Do you have enough finances to care medically for the cat since this could be a real problem with they vet bills going that high most of the times?

* How about the space and the litter boxes that are needed in larger number than the number of the cats? For instance, if you have two cats you will need three litter boxes to satisfy their need of cleanliness.

* Check for any health issues that the new cat comes with. There are many hidden diseases that prove to be lethal, so make sure that the new cat isn't suffering from one of those. One such example could be feline leukemia virus that is carried by cats that appear to be in a good state of health but can spread to your healthy cat(s).