Felines and Friends Fundraiser

Please join us for a wonderful meet and greet fundraising event to benefit rescued animals.

When, Where & How Much?
Sunday, February 26, 2012 from 11am to 4pm
Radisson Hotel, Jefferson Road
Event tickets cost $25 in advance or $35 at the door.

Event Tickets will include a buffet lunch from 1:00 to 2:00pm followed by dessert. Free coffee will be provided throughout the day along with a cash bar. There will also be live music.

Invite all your friends and help make this a huge success.
For more information: www.ritcats.org
email: cmc.cerp@gmail.com

~Information for vendors~
You do not have to be a registered non profit - 501(c)3, to participate in this event.
Tables cost $25 each. Groups with tables can take advantage of this event by having raffles, 50/50 drawings, and sell items to raise funds for your group.

We will provide tablecloths, tables, 2 chairs per table. There are no outlets available.


If you are searching for the perfect family pet, be it cat or dog, think twice about the color black. Do you have a pet color prejudice? Read the following before you look, and review your feelings about the color of your future pet.

1. Black dogs and black cats are passed over more than any other color.

Animal shelters are normally bursting at the seams with adoptable pets However, black dogs and cats are routinely passed over for others, so much so that shelters call this phenomenon the "Black Dog Syndrome."The reasons range from fear to preconceived ideas. Check the property sales process flowchart in the next article. 


Thanks to a generous response to our call for donations, RIT Cats made nearly $1,450 for the 2010 Jumble Sale. Thank you, everyone: those who donated goods and those who bought them.

And a special thank-you to our hard-working volunteers: We quite literally could not have done it without you.

Seen Kittens? Help Us

See kittens on the RIT Campus? Call us so we can get them out of the wild & into a good home!

We always need donations of dry/wet food & money.

What we do

OUR GROUP HAS SPAYED/adopted/helped with vet care 281 cats/dogs/rabbits/fish/turtles. Some cats are still on campus while some had to be moved since they were in danger. Its very hard to move ferals they become disoriented when moved.

FACT: 4 CATS X 5 YEARS = 2500 CATS WITHOUT HUMAN INTERVENTION.[National Humane Education Society ] SPAY YOUR PET!!!!

We will not participate in ANY trapping for euthanasia.

caringheartsforritcats@yahoo.com emergency: 585-272-9821

We have had 2 TV segments done on our group. The link section of this website will guide you to them.